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Why I go away...
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Happy belated Thanksgiving all!

I'm sorry that I have not kept up with many of you who are special to me lately. You know who you are.

I am a hyper-creative person with a regular job. I don't go into detail about my work for many reasons, mostly though I shroud my everyday life in secrecy both to preserve my own privacy and out of respect for those I work with. Sometimes in life we feel like actors. I have many "roles", one of which is Queenie, one persona that writes horror fiction, quite a few more that demand attention from time to time. I think we all feel like this: divided between the things in life we "have to do" and the million things we "want to do". But once you have time for the things you "want to do" sometimes you are so exhausted that you lose inspiration.


Happily, I've been making big leaps with "Dream of Flight". Every song is being re-worked in Reason and then I'm re-doing all vocals from scratch. A few songs are complete and simply await the addition of vocals. Soon (within the next month or so) I'll post some preview tracks that represent my current machinations/manipulations.

The current tracklist of the upcoming Dream of Flight album, not necessarily in this order:

1. Forest of Dreams Intro
2. Dream of Flight
3. Ukiyoe (The Floating World)
4. Sister Moon
5. Why
6. Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)
7. Notes From Hell
8. Life is Strange
9. Shelter Me
10. Voice in My Head
11. The Courtesan Sang Farewell

I do keep meaning to produce a holiday album, a wedding song album, a meditation album, even a cover song album! So I imagine that's years in the future, but I do think about it. The emails to Queenie (atsign) that you my listeners have been sending have been very nice & reassuring, thank you so much for your continued support of my independent music.



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hi Sweetie--did you ever listen to my novel, Forever Fifteen? It's pretty long, but it is in the iTunes Podcast section and it's free.

Downloading it now :D

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