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My Fairy Tale Crown Store
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Sometimes I make crowns in my spare time out of wire and beads. Last month I had some time so I made a Store on Etsy for them.

The crowns are modelled by Bixby Bear and Dolly. You can read more about their star-crossed romance at the Store. Yes, I'm very strange indeed.



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Those are some pretty crowns! I ended up clicking on the Etsy link and spending the following hour totally immersed in all the stuff on that website. It's so amusing seeing all the different things people can make themselves. I think I was hungry at the time, so I looked up "chocolate cake" and ended up finding really realistic looking felt-pastries. Mmmm...

I could spend hours on Etsy too and have. You can "favorite" stores and items you like, kind of like a wishlist.

Hi Queenie
this is rather creepy!!! hahahaha
we must be each other's alter ego but in different countries ahahaha sometimes it looks like so... It hink it's sweet! :)

this is funny but i'm into making crowns too
but THEY'RE NOT (not even afar) as good as yours
still today I was working on one
just took a cam shot of it

me a couple of hours ago

by the way took pics of me with your cd and did the same for some friends, i'm sort of "inter-exchanging pics with my fellow musicians cds) will submit you mine tomorrow ok?

I LOVE your crown!! That's awesome!!!!! Thanks for the great pic!

I know, seriously, I think it's eerie how you and I have so many similar hobbies and eccentricities, designing web stuff, Photoshopping, etc. Also our style of music is very similar--really that's saying something because "melodic fairy goth ethereal with lots of string sections" is not common.

I should also take a pic holding the Ancient Shadows CD. Please remind me!



i remember that crown you made
for the label showcase and your
friend won it.

that was BIG crown too.

you sure know how to make 'em purty.

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